Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My 30th Body Transformation!

Ok, I'm going to put it out there and make myself accountable to you guys. I'm going to blog about my body transformation. I've been umming and arring about it for a while now, because, I'm a little embarrassed and pretty scared that I'm not going to make it! So I thought what better way to keep myself on track is to tell you all about my progress... AAAAHHH! 

I turn 30 this year (in August) but a bunch of us girls, who are also turning 30, are going to Bali to celebrate in early May. So I have less than 8 weeks to get my act together. I started this transformation beginning of this year and I set Bali as my goal. I was training with my personal trainer, Zoe twice a week from January, but have since cut it down to once a week since the middle of Feb. My main reason for hiring Zoe was to work on my shoulders (size and strength) and my glutes (size and technique). These two areas are probably my weakest point for putting on muscle and leaning out. So far I have gained so much more strength in my shoulders. Before I could only dumb bell press 7.5-10kg, now I'm up to 12-13kgs even 15kgs (with help of course!). Since changing my technique I am also noticing changes in how my shoulders are developing!! YESSSS!
As for my glutes, we made sure that my squat technique was perfect. I had always thought I was squatting incorrectly as I would get lower back pain. Now it's time to go heavier! I have a love hate relationship with training legs. I love it when Zoe's there to push me, and I love the results, but some days it just hurts.

I also have been doing some outdoor sessions with Amy from Move Fit one day a week (to change up my routine). 

So here are some progress photo's I have put together...

Taken 8th January 2012 first week training with Zoe
I'm going to be honest with you all, I haven't been 100% with my eating and training. In feb I had a week where I had severe stomach problems. I was too tired to train, and because I was feeling like crap, I ate crap! Zoe also made me have a few days off because I pushed myself too hard and I was completely worn out. Too much too soon can be bad for you too. The weekends have been tough with events, being tired and emotional. But March is a new month and I am taking my nutrition and training day by day and not getting too stressed about it all.

Taken 2nd March 2012
The comparison shot below gives you a better picture of the areas that have changed. 

So this weekend I have a wedding to go too in Narrogin. My goal is to pack all of my meals and take them with me. Dinner at the wedding will be my treat meal and on Sunday it's back to clean eating again. I will blog next week with my progress.

Keep Committed, Keep Training - Halijah :)


  1. I love looking at your blog Halijah. It motivates me even more. I am on my 4th day of eating clean but I have had few naughty snacks in between. I tried ur chicken meal for lunch & it was yummy, so i am now making similar dishes. Since eating healthier, my stomach doesnt bloat as much now. I am also struggling with the shoulders area & the tummy area. My tummy is still bulging out at the top from when i had the twins but i think if i keep at it i will eventually lose it. You are doing really well & keep blogging :)

  2. Very inspiring, looking forward to more entries about your journey to Bali! Starting a six week challenge today, very excited and I'm looking forward to checking in with you as well regularly! x

  3. Congrats H, just touching base again to see your progess. Great results & an amazing effort. Keep those recipies/hints flowing and celebrate the achievements.