Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Checking In

Hey All, I can't believe my last post was a few months ago now!! I'm so sorry. So much has been happening since then. Where do I start:

My trip to Bali has been and gone. It was an amazing time being with a bunch of your friends, no husbands/partners, no children (that part was the best hehe). I'll talk more about that later.

The Bali 9 at Jemme in Seminyak
My 30th body transformation has been put on the back burner for a while. Pretty much after I posted my last blog my body went down hill. For a long time I have been suffering from digestive/bowel issues, especially constipation. It was so severe I almost went into hospital AGAIN! So I did my own research and started calling different naturopaths etc to get more information as I wasn't getting anything from the dr's. They ALL told me that I need to stop stressing out, I'm a mum and it's expected that I will be tired - all the time. I do have a thyroid condition which I was diagnosed with after I had my daughter in 2010 and I knew all along it was my thyroid but all my blood tests came back normal (I am taking medication Thyroxine). I will write more about my findings and what I have been doing to help myself, I am sooooooo much better now :)

I also start my first Nutrition unit next week - eeekkk, so I have been busily preparing for it. I am so excited to be finally starting it. There will definitely be more blogs on the stuff that I am learning - watch this space.

Last but not least I have been enjoying cutting down my training at the gym and filling the time spending it with my husband, daughter and friends. At the end of the day I realised life is too short to be sick and tired all the time and to enjoy and be grateful for what I have in my life.
Beauty and Sam down at Trigg Beach after our beach walk
Dad's 50th
Mothers Day, I got to layz around all day
How lucky have been with this Perth weather!!

PS. More yummy recipes to come :)

Halijah x

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