Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who needs a gym!... Circuit #1

I couldn't get into the gym yesterday, I needed a morning to get some cleaning and washing done. But it didn't stop me from fitting in a workout. Here is a quick circuit I did and it took me less than 15 minutes to do. You will need some equipment but if you don't have any don't use that as an excuse not to exercise... IMPROVISE!!

Equipment I used:
Cross Trainer (not in the picture), I used this to warm up.  You could skip, jog on the spot or run up/down your stairwell for 5-10min.
1x 10kg Dumbbell (you could use therabands, weighted plates, dumb bells, your baby?)
8kg Kettle Bell

Workout: 4 exercises x 5 sets (you repeat the whole thing 5 times with 30-60 sec rest between sets)

10 reps x Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press (I used the 10kg DB)

30 reps x Mountain Climbers on a Medicine ball (harder) or you could place your hands on the ground for stability. Keeping your abs nice and tight, bum down, bring your knees to your chest and swap legs quickly.

10 reps x Sumo Deadlift/Upright Row with a kettlebell. You can use a medicine ball, DB, bands.

5 reps x Competition Burpees (normal burpee but your body goes all the way to the ground)

This is a great total body workout, it's tough and I burnt about 130 calories!! I also finished off with 20mins cardio on my cross trainer.

Happy Training :)

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